CostWORX is a great organisation; it is the leading wholesale distributor of telecom and technology infrastructure products, supplying globally through a network of local alliance partners. The reasons Alliance Partners have for joining are many and varied but the following factors are often of key importance in their decisions.

A large competitive range that
is continually developing

A truly supportive sales alliance

An unrivalled global sourcing and
selection operation

  • Extension of product lines to capture new and emerging technologies
  • Extension of product lines into neighbouring sectors
  • Continual improvement of existing products to ensure they hold their leadership attributes
  • Helping you pitch as the leading partner by branding product data sheets with Alliance Partner logos and contact details.
  • Providing you with fresh customisable marketing campaigns for use with your customer base
  • Feeding sales leads direct to your front line
  • Relationships with pro-active market focussed producers large and small
  • In-house design and engineering resource to supplement the producers own
  • Logistics and management skills to ensure orders of products from multiple producers are accurately consolidated and efficiently delivered

The CostWORX Alliance Partner Programme rewards achievement and increase Alliance Partners’ ability to grow their
businesses. There are three premium tiers within the programme:




Great pricing & outstanding service

Customisable marketing material/campaigns

Warranty, stock balancing & support

Case-by-case exclusivity


Enhanced discount structure


First access to new/improved products


Key customer exclusivity


Bespoke sourcing service


Bespoke project financing