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The Integrated Tower Site

The Integrated Tower Site (ITS) allows you to construct a telecom site (tower, foundation, container/BTS/power plinths, palisade fence, etc.) in just 6 hours, compared to the days/weeks required for traditional methods.

The ITS unit has cost competitiveness, a 25+ year design life, and with limited equipment and expertise required to build it, is the logical replacement for traditional tower sites and the perfect solution for modern network rollouts.

Being able to deconstruct and move the tower in just a few hours also has some real world benefits, from temporary site locations through to decreased land rental costs. The freedom this product provides is a powerful tool for lowering costs and keeping your network flexible.

Key Facts

  1. Fast Time to Revenue

    ITS is fast and easy to build, meaning you can be up and operating in previously unachievable times.

  2. Reduced CAPEX

    ITS significantly reduces logistics, civil materials and resource costs.

  3. Eliminates Foundation Problems

    There is no need to dig foundations as ITS sits entirely above ground level.

  4. Easy Assembly

    ITS can be assembled by hand using a derrick/winch system.

  5. No Need for Heavy Transport Equipment

    The ITS kit is comprised of pieces that can easily be transported in a pick-up truck to sites situated in remote areas.